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Young Boys Dance


Young Boys Dance

My name is Sierra Heller and I am thrilled to be the teacher of the new Young Boys Dance Class at Gustafson Dance.  This class provides boys ages four to seven with the opportunity to experience three different forms of dance.  Each week we focus on one of the styles of dance including ballet, jazz, and tap.

Ballet serves as the foundation and builds technique for all other styles.  In jazz we focus on musicality and experiment with moving to faster, upbeat music as well as learning the specific aspects that differentiate jazz from classical ballet.


Tap class includes practicing various rhythms and learning how to connect sounds to make musical phrases.  All three forms of dance help develop muscle strength, coordination, flexibility, athleticism, poise, and self-discipline.

This class is designed to address the particular needs and skills of young boys.  It will help them grow physically, emotionally, and mentally as well as provide a good background for any future pursuits.