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Fall Classes 2017 Begin September 11

Pics from the Summer Program Below!

Reach for your dreams this Fall Semester with Gustafson Dance

Fall classes begin Monday! 

Our website has all the information that you’ll need to be ready.  Our schedule, class placement guidelines, payments, general policies and dress code for all levels are under the registration tab in the navigation along the top of the page.

Be Prepared: Review the Calendar for the 2017-2018 Gustafson Dance School Year

We have our annual calendar published on our web site. Upcoming items include Observation Week where parents are welcome to come into the studio and watch their young dancers in class. The instructor will introduce him/herself and any class assistants, go over any specific requests for lining up before class, the dress code, the fall performance info and give you some insight as to some things that he/she hopes to accomplish with the class.

  • Please try to leave little siblings who might distract at home, or be willing to step out of the class if your child becomes disruptive.
    We ask parents to respect our rule that there be no food inside the studios and to take any cell phone calls outside.
  • You are welcome to take pictures or videos during observation as long as you are discreet.
    If you post anything adorable or wonderful that you see in class on FB or Instagram, don’t forget to tag @gustafsondance or #gustafsondance.
    On FB:
  • If you have specific questions for the instructor, he/she might have time for something quick, but we are also happy to take your name and number and contact you during office hours.

 Also, you might be interested in seeing what’s going this fall for State Street Ballet while you are at it — you can see where they are touring and get info on Mozart in Dance which runs in October.


Another Great Year for Summer Intensive

We had the following dancers attend the State Street Ballet Summer Intensive.

Hannah Ezell, Level 6, Senior, 16
Nina Schaeffer, Level 6, Junior, 16
Sunil Madhow, Level 5, Junior, 16
Catherine Pizzinat, Level 6, Sophomore, 15
Noah Block, Level 4C, Freshman, 14
Bennett, Ruehlman, 4C, Freshman, 14
Ella Rotondo, Level 5, Freshman, 14
Cami Berger, Level 4C, Freshman, 14
Evyn Dalforno, Level 4C, Freshman, 13
Sydney Coffman, 4C, 8th grade, 12


In addition, we had 3 dancers go away to other summer programs:
Izzy Fuentes, Level 6, Sophomore, 15 years went to Houston Ballet
Audrey Biles, Level 4C, 8th grade, 13 years went to Ellison Ballet in NYC
Sarah Block, Level 6, Senior, 16 Went on scholarship to Regional Dance America’s Summer Intensive (National Choreography Intensive) in the Dancer Track in Texas.


DIY: How to Sew Pointe Shoes

We recently added our pointe shoe policies and a video of how to sew pointe shoes. It would be good for those that will be en pointe this Fall to review the links!


Musical Theater Intensive

We had a lot of fun with our Musical Theater Intensive earlier this summer — here’s some pics from the show.