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Dance Program Tuition for a Semester.


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Dance Program Tuition for a Semester.

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Adaptive Dance, Creative Dance, Pre-Ballet 1, Pre-Ballet 1&2A, Pre-Ballet 2A, Pre-Ballet 2A&B, Pre-Ballet 2B, Primary 1, Primary 1&2, Primary 2, Primary 1&2 Jazz, Primary 1&2 Jazz when enrolled in Primary Ballet, Ballet Basics, Jazz 1&2A, Jazz 2B, Jazz 1&2A when enrolled in Ballet Basics, Level 1 or Level 2A, Jazz 2B when enrolled in Ballet Basics or Level 2B, Ballet / Jazz Combo, Ballet / Tap Combo, Level 1, Level 2A, Level 2B, Level 3A, Level 3B, Jazz 3A, Jazz 3B, Jazz 3C, Level 3A with Jazz, Level 3B with Jazz, Level 3A 5 classes a week, Level 3B 5 classes a week, Level 3C, Level 3C (Independent PE), Level 3 Modified Track, Level 4 Modified Track, Level 4A, Level 4B, Level 4C, Level 5, Level 6, Boys Ballet, Children's Beg / Int Tap, Young Pre-Ballet


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