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Jazz and Tap

Classes: Students taking Jazz only take one class per week. Please call the office to get the schedule for your child’s level of jazz.

Make-up Class Options:
Dancers making up a missed class may take any other jazz class within one year of his/her age level. Please call the office beforehand so that we can notify the teacher that your child will be making up a missed class.

FALL- Students in jazz classes will perform one dance in Rudolph at the Lobero. The dancers may be in one or more performances of Rudolph. Detailed information on parts and shows will be posted by September.

SPRING- Students in jazz classes will perform one dance in End of Year All School performance at the Lobero. Students may dance in one or more performances.

Studio Rehearsals: Weekly Rehearsals for Rudolph will be done in classes starting in October. Starting in February, weekly rehearsals for End of Year All School performance will be done in class.

Theatre Dress Rehearsals:

Spacing and Dress Rehearsals are mandatory for all school performances.

Click For Dress Code
Policies for Jazz Classes

* Observation Day will be held on the first day of each semester plus one other day each semester noted in the calendar. You may observe your children at other times, provided that you have called ahead of time to let the instructor know.

* It is not appropriate or safe to let students or siblings run around in the studio prior to the start of class.
-During class, it is recommended that parents and siblings go for a walk or sit outside. There is seating in the lobby, but please be aware that classes going on in the front studios are easily disturbed by normal talking.

* Children must be picked up promptly at the end of class. A $10 fee will be assessed for each 10 minutes the child has not been picked up.

* There are no refunds for missed classes or performance fees, due to any reason. Most of our classes at these levels are full, so enrollment in a class prevents others from enrolling. We assume that you will continue from one semester to the next unless you notify our office.

* Tuition Payments must be made one week in advance of the start of the each semester; otherwise, students on the waiting list will be given the opportunity to enroll in your place.

* Please make up missed classes only during the semester in which they are missed. Make-up classes are to be arranged by the parent with permission of the instructor.

*Any schedule conflicts need to be given in writing, in advance. Please know that casting may be changed if a significant amount of classes or rehearsals are missed for any reason.

*Keep your email and phone numbers current with our office and notify us if you have not received weekly emails.

*Please be sure to let the teacher know if you are taking a make-up class so he/she can mark it down properly.

*The dress code must be adhered to at all times, including proper hair, shoe elastics need to be sewn on, no jewelry. NO STREET CLOTHES are to be worn, and no shoe Booties to be worn during class or rehearsal.

* We expect good behavior from all students, including respect shown to all teachers, staff, younger and older dancers and parents, as well as all property of Gustafson Dance, State Street Ballet, all theatres and other dancers’ belongings.

*We expect supportive, appropriate and positive conversation among dancers and parents. If you need or want to express concerns or frustrations, please do so outside of the studio, or make an appointment to meet with Allison or Nicole. We do not tolerate any inappropriate or negative comments regarding the studio, any teacher, staff, dancer or parent on public Social Media sites.

*There is to be no eating in the bathrooms, or inside the dance studios. This is SMELLY, UNCLEAN, and RAT INVITING! Please eat outside!