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Ballet Level 3C

Required Core Classes: 3 ballet classes, plus Pointe and 1 Jazz Class per week. 4 Ballet classes plus Pointe and Jazz for those in Independent PE.

FALL- Level 3C will perform one jazz dance in Rudolph at the Lobero, and one ballet part in Nutcracker with State Street Ballet Company and live orchestra at the Granada Theatre. The dancers may be in one or more performances of Rudolph and Nutcracker. Detailed Information on parts and shows will be posted by September.

SPRING-Level 3C will perform a minimum of two ballet and one jazz dance in End of Year All School performance at the Lobero. They may dance in one or more performance.

Studio Rehearsals: Weekly Rehearsals for Rudolph will be done in Jazz class on Thursdays starting in October. Weekly Rehearsals for Nutcracker will be done in Level 3B&C class on Thursdays starting in October. Starting in February, weekly rehearsals for End of Year All School performance will be done in Monday, Thursday and Saturday classes.

Theatre Dress Rehearsals: Spacing and Dress Rehearsals are mandatory for all three school performances. We especially cannot make any exceptions for the Nutcracker since it is a collaboration with the professional company, State Street Ballet, and incorporates an orchestra at a fully professional Union theatre.

Level Expectations: All previous level requirements plus, but not limited to the following:
Proper alignment & placement at barre & center with demonstrated control of center
Proper foot and knee placement (no rolling)
Knowledge of vocabulary and all body directions
Proper head and arm positions with all movements
Fondu with coordinated arms and legs
Double Frappe
Rond de Jambe En l’air
Knowledge of and ability to make 1, 2, 3 arabesque at 90 degrees
Fouette from a la second to arabesque en l’air
Attitude Devant and Derriere properly placed
Developpe at 90 degrees in all directions
Single en dehors from 5th & 4th, properly executed, including spotting, working on doubles
Single en dedans pirouette with fouette properly executed, including spotting, working on doubles
Clean single pique turns, working on doubles ½ pointe
Clean pique passé on pointe, working on clean single pique turns on pointe
Entrechat quatre, Entrechat royale
Sissone in all directions
Tour Jete properly executed
Grand jete with legs working toward 180 degrees
Ability to execute 8 consecutive releves in first centre floor with proper placement en pointe
Passe Releve properly executed en pointe, working toward single pirouettes
Pas De Bouree en pointe
Soutenu en pointe
Demonstrated musicality, quality of movement and able to pick up and retain choreography
Ability to work in various patterns such as manege, zig zag, etc.

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No Jewelry (Small earrings ok), clear or light pink nail polish only. No street clothes over dance clothes in class. Warm-ups are only to be worn if necessary and must be designed for dance and be form fitting.

Policies for Level 3C

*Any schedule conflicts need to be given in writing, in advance. Please know that casting may be changed if a significant amount of classes or rehearsals are missed for any reason.

*Keep your email and phone numbers current with our office and notify us if you have not received weekly emails.

*If you are too sick to attend class and/or rehearsal, please contact the office BEFORE 3pm and give a legitimate reason for your last minute absence.

*Classes can and should be made up.

*Dancers may not miss any classes or rehearsals the two weeks prior to any performance. If illness keeps one from attending class, the class must be made up before the performance.

*If you are well enough to actively observe class or rehearsal (no fever), which can be a valuable experience, you will not be marked absent. Actively observing means paying attention- not talking, reading, sleeping or lounging.

*If you do not take class, you may not participate in rehearsal unless you have done a proper self warm up. (We have warm up guidelines for you to follow if needed.)

*If you miss a technique class, you will not be allowed to take the following pointe class on pointe unless you have done a makeup class that week. This policy is in place to ensure the safety of the dancer and to encourage consistent attendance in all classes.

*Please be sure to let the teacher know if you are taking a make-up class so he/she can mark it down properly.

*The dress code must be adhered to at all times, including proper hair, shoe elastics need to be sewn on, pointe shoe ribbons properly sewn and tied, no jewelry. NO STREET CLOTHES are to be worn, and no shoe Booties to be worn during class or rehearsal. If you have a specific reason for being out of dress code, please let your instructor know before class begins.

* We expect good behavior from all students, including respect shown to all teachers, staff, younger and older dancers and parents, as well as all property of Gustafson Dance, State Street Ballet, all theatres and other dancers’ belongings.

*Dancers need to have proper foot care items such as band aids, toe tape, nail clippers, jet glue for shoes, as well as sewing kits. Dancers need to maintain proper hygiene with respect to their feet to avoid infected blisters. Dancers should wash feet with soap and water as soon as they get home from dance class.

*Dancers need to have hair supplies and makeup for performances, including fake eyelashes for Nutcracker. For Lobero shows, eyelashes may be optional. Dancers can use the Bun Bar for hair and makeup, but would need to provide their own fake eyelashes.

*We expect supportive, appropriate and positive conversation among dancers and parents. If you need or want to express concerns or frustrations, please do so outside of the studio, or make an appointment to meet with Allison or Nicole. We do not tolerate any inappropriate or negative comments regarding the studio, any teacher, staff, dancer or parent on public Social Media sites.

*There is to be no eating in the bathrooms, or inside the dance studios. This is SMELLY, UNCLEAN, and RAT INVITING! Please eat outside!

*If you have Independent PE forms to be signed, please bring them with a pen to Nicole or Allison before or after class-not during class. For Progress Reports or Letters of Recommendations, please give Allison at least two week’s notice. Remember that dancers in Independent PE are receiving school credit and/or a grade for classes. Students must take the required minimum of 7.5 hours per week in order to have their forms signed. If dancers miss classes due to illness or other reasons, classes must be made up (Rehearsals do not count as make-up classes.). If there are more than two absences without make-ups, the Independent PE liaison at the school will be called.