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Adult Ballet

The schedule listed follows the School Year Calendar.

Morning Open Company Class TWTh 9-10:30pm: Taught by Marina Fliagina, Michele Hulse, Cecily Stewart or Sergei Domrachev. This class is for high intermediate/advanced dancers. The class is primarily made up of professional dancers from State Street Ballet, so it will move at an advanced pace.

Level 5&6 and Adult Ballet Monday 5:30-7pm:  Taught by Allison Gustafson, this class is for the Level 5&6 dancers in the school and open to high Intermediate and Advanced level Teens and Adults.

Beginning Teen and Adult Ballet 6-7:30pm Tuesday, 5:30-7pm Thursday: Taught by Susan Manchak, this class is for beginning adult students. The class is open to adults who are more advanced, but the class is designed for beginners, so it will be taught at a slow pace.

Open Intermediate Ballet 6:00-7:30pm Thursday: Taught by Allison Gustafson, this class is for intermediate to advanced level adults. It is a traditional ballet class geared to the adult dancer. Combinations from this class will be repeated in the Saturday class

Open Intermediate Ballet 9-10:30am Saturday: Taught by Allison Gustafson, this class is for intermediate to advanced level adults. It is a traditional ballet class geared to the adult dancer. This class is generally a repeat of the Thursday class, so that students have the benefit of repeating the combinations.

Policies for Teens and Adults in Open Classes

Classes are $20 for a single class and $150 for a 10-class card or $200 for a 15-class card. Payment is to be made prior to the start of each class. If using a card, the card is kept in a file box at the front desk. Upon entering the studio, the student should sign in, remove the class card from the file box, date and initial the card, and then leave it out on the desk. The desk person or instructor will re-file the card. Class cards should be used in two months and will expire after two months of absence.

There is no specific required uniform for teens and adults taking open classes, however, it is best to wear dance attire or fitted athletic wear.  

All students must wear ballet shoes in ballet classes, and long hair must be secured. We prefer that dancers do not take class in socks or to be barefoot. If the choreography requires being barefoot, please be sure to wash feet well afterward and keep all open sores or cuts covered by band-aids or medical tape (A good practice for all the time.). If you are asked to wear socks, please be aware that the floor can feel slick or become slick with the use of socks. We ask that you consider your own safety and the safety of others in the class over the request to wear socks or dance barefoot. We have slip no more that can be spot mopped in between full studio mopping that is done weekly.

Please keep personal hygiene in mind; using deodorant and wearing fresh clothes makes the class pleasant for all.

It is not appropriate or safe to leave children unattended in the lobby or studio while the parent is taking class.

All cell phones must be turned off while in class.

All teens must be picked up promptly at the end of class.

If you are in a class above your level, please be respectful of the other dancers and stay in the back.

There are no refunds for class cards, due to any reason.