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September Newsletter

Classes Start September 10

Fall Into the New Dance Year for Gustafson Dance

Gustafson Dance Fall Program starts on Monday, September 10th.  

Fall tuition payments are due on Wednesday, 9/5.  If you haven’t paid yet — you can do so online

We are excited to start the next dance year when classes begin Monday, September 10th! We strongly encourage parents to visit our website and review the links on the Registration tab (see image for reference) which covers very important information on class placement, dress code, tuition and payments and our overall policies.

Official Observation for parents is the 1st week of the school year and the weeks of October 23rd, January 29th, and April 16th. You may observe at other times; just let the teacher/office know in advance.

Please feel free to discuss any issue concerning your child with Allison or Nicole, or another instructor at an appropriate time. Please do not attempt to discuss issues with an instructor right before classes begin or in between classes. It is best to phone the office earlier in the day or email us so we can set up a time to talk or meet.

Some key points for newcomers and veteran students/parents alike:

  • We expect students to arrive for class on time and we expect parents to be on time to pick up students. School aged students may be dropped off or picked up in front of the studio, provided parents do not park vehicles in the driveway.
  • The lobby is to be used for dropping off and picking up students for class. Maintaining a quiet and focused setting is necessary for proper dance instruction. The studios, especially the lobby, should not be used for loud socializing or talking on cell phones, however the outdoor patio is available.
  • Children must be well behaved at all times. Gustafson Dance and State Street Ballet will not be liable for accidents that may happen in the lobby as a result of the rowdy, inappropriate or unmonitored behavior of any students, siblings or friends.

Remember September 9th for Pointe Shoes, Photos, and Charlie Hodges!

September 9th is a big day at the studio.  Right before we start the dance year we will have several events for you to get pointe shoes, sign up for photos and see Charlie Hodges, whose TED Talk “Learning from Failure and Loving Your Self” is the basis for a LIVE talk at the studio.

The Dance Store LA Sale

Pointe Shoe Fittings and Merchandise sales will be available in Studio A with The Dance Store LA. For those of you who are on pointe, this is a great opportunity to be fit by expert fitters who will keep your information on file for future orders. Fittings are free if you purchase shoes, and $20 if you do a fitting but are not in need of shoes right now. There will also betights, flat shoes and leotards, skirts, etc. They will be in Studio A from 11am-5pm. Sign up for your fitting ahead of time. Questions for them?  The link for fitting times also has their phone number.

Also, on — if you use our Studio/teacher awards ID#TP32996 — you can get a 10% discount on your first order, and the sale gives the studio rewards points.

You can sign up for a Black and White Photo Shoot with Heidi Bergseteren. We have mainly offered this to our Level 4-6 but are opening it up to Level 3 and there are limited spots open. Information is at this link    


Charlie Hodges will be here in Studio D at 4:30-6pm.

Dancers in Level 3 and up, along with parents are invited to attend. Thank you to SB Festival Ballet and State Street Ballet Pro Track who are partnering with State Street Ballet Young Dancers to bring Charlie here to share his amazingly positive and wise words and experience with moving on through perceived failure and hardships. His story and his lessons are inspirational and valuable!

He does encourage people to watch his TED Talk ahead of time but he will be playing it on Sunday as well.   Bring a notebook! Flyer attached.



Summer Memories and Gustafson Merch!

Photo Orders from SmugMug for Madeline, Musical Theatre Intensive, and the Junior Intensive are up on SmugMug for purchase, the password is “ssbyd” all lower case. Peter Pan photos will be uploaded very soon.

DVD orders are also available for performances from Performance Memories.

We have Rudolph t-shirts for sale! Get yours today!




Encouraging Excellence without Becoming a Stage Parent

We ran across this great worksheet for parents from the American Ballet Theatre that uses the AFFIRM acronym: give Affection, be Focused, be Flexible, Interact, Reframe and Model. The message is one of unconditional parental love that is based in loving who our children are over what they accomplish.  We encourage everyone to review this worksheet as it is great to get perspective and see the bigger picture.