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POLICIES 2018-2019

Registration in classes at Gustafson Dance implies that the Parent(s) or Guardian have read and agree to the Policies below.

Item Policy
There is an annual $40 registration fee due at the beginning of the school year or upon enrollment.
Gustafson Dance runs on a school year calendar. All registrations are a commitment to attend and pay tuition for the entire year.
Early withdrawal is accepted in writing only and must be given by January 14th, 2019
(two weeks prior to the 2nd semester); otherwise, you will be billed for classes in that semester.
Refunds will not be given for loss of interest, absences due to normal childhood illness,
schedule conflicts due to other activities or extended vacations.
Tuition Dates Tuition is due one week prior to the start of each semester. If not received on time, a $10 late fee will apply.
No invoice will be given, but reminder emails will be sent.
Tuition is best paid on the website at the time of registration, or Installment Plan set up (for those enrolled in two or more classes per week).
Tuition can also be mailed, given to the office manager at the front desk, or paid over the phone with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
Do not give tuition payments directly to the instructor.
If you are enrolled in the Installment Plan, it is your responsibility to keep the credit card information up to date.
Any returned checks will result in a $20 fee. Semester 1 tuition due by September 4th, 2018, Semester 2 tuition due by January 14th, 2019.
Dress Code Please see your confirmation letter or the dress code chart on our website.
We expect students to adhere to the dress code at all times.
Proper dress code is part of the overall dance training and etiquette.
For safety and health reasons, students without shoes will not be allowed to participate in class.
You may check our box that we have for loaner shoes.
Class Placement Please see our Class Placement Guidelines which are posted on the website. Promotions to a higher level take place each fall, and not during the school year; however, the Directors reserve the right to make placement changes at any time in order to serve the best interest of the dancer.
Performances Costumes belong to the studio for the Fall shows but dancers need to provide their own tights, shoes, hair and makeup supplies
(unless using the Bun Bar), undergarments and possibly jazz pants if the costume calls for them.“Rudolph”­ Saturday, December 1st; 2pm and 6pm at the Lobero Theatre for all enrolled in
Creative Dance, Pre­Ballet, Combo Classes, Jazz and State Street Ballet Young Dancers (SSBYD).

“Nutcracker”­ Saturday, December 15th at 2pm and 7:30pm & Sun, December 16th at 2pm at the Granada Theatre
in collaboration with State Street Ballet Company and live symphony for ballet classes Primary 1&2 and Levels 1-­6.

Costumes for the spring show will be ordered in early January, 2019 and the students will get to keep their costumes
(except for Level 4­6 ballet and Jazz 3­6 will be provided).

Rehearsals Studio or Theatre Spacing and Dress Rehearsals for performances are mandatory. They may not be missed and cannot be made up.
Rehearsals for the performances will take place during part of the allotted class time, except for Levels 4­-6, who will have outside rehearsals.
Consistent attendance is imperative throughout the year.
Class/Rehearsal should not be missed the two weeks prior to any performance.
Directors have the right to remove a dancer from the performance if attendance has been poor.Dress Rehearsals will be held at the theatre during performance week of each show. Parents are not invited to watch in the audience during rehearsals at the theatre. For Nutcracker, no dancer will be allowed to perform if he/she misses dress rehearsal.
Tickets Tickets will be sold for each school performance.
Ticket cost varies per venue, but will be given in the participation letter for each show.
Performers do not need tickets. Parents who choose to volunteer for a position where they remain backstage during the show will not need a ticket for that show,
and may be able to sit in Reserved Seats for part of the show, depending on the job.
Casting Casting for our performances is solely at the discretion of the Directors. Efforts will be made to rotate parts as much as possible, but because holiday shows are repeated each Fall, dancers may repeat the same part. We believe that any performance experience is valuable, regardless of the role.
Email Email will be used to communicate many important things throughout the year.
Please keep your email address (es) current with the office.
Parent volunteers may also use email to communicate information for the performances.
If you do not have an email or do not update your email with us, you will need to get information from a friend in the class. Please put [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] in your address book.
Drop Off
Pick-up Policy
We expect students to arrive for class on time and we expect parents to be on time to pick up students.
School aged students may be dropped off or picked up in front of the studio, provided parents do not park vehicles in the driveway.
If you have extenuating circumstances, please call the office ASAP at 805-563-­3262 X 1.
Observing Class Classes are drop­off classes. Official Observation for parents is the 1st week of the school year
and the weeks of September 10th, October 22nd, January 28th, and April 15th.
You may observe at other times; just let the teacher/office know in advance.
Food If you send food with your child, please send non­-messy snacks and water.
Food may be eaten on the patio before classes start. Only water should be brought into the studios.
Lobby Policy The lobby is to be used for dropping off and picking up students for class.
Maintaining a quiet and focused setting is necessary for proper dance instruction.
The studios, especially the lobby, should not be used for loud socializing or talking on cell phones, however the outdoor patio is available.
Children must be well behaved at all times.
Gustafson Dance and State Street Ballet will not be liable for accidents that may happen in the lobby as a result of rowdy,
inappropriate or unmonitored behavior of any students, siblings or friends.
Bathroom Behavior Please take younger children to use the restroom before class begins. If a child needs to use the restroom during class, they are expected to be self­-sufficient. Class Assistants or Staff can offer help in redressing. If a child has an accident, the parent will be called to pick the child up from class.
Make-up Policy Make-­up classes may be taken in the appropriate class level for a missed class or School Holiday
(posted in the studio and on our website Calendar), or when a class is cancelled due to a theatre rehearsal.
The make-­up should be done within the same semester. Please call ahead to inform the office of your make­-up time, or let the teachers know.
No refunds will be issued for missed classes for any reason. (Thanksgiving, Winter, & Spring Breaks are not counted in the tuition.)
Lost and Found Lost and Found items will be collected and kept in a box behind the front desk. Once a month, these items will be donated to a charity.
To insure that you don’t lose items, label everything with your child’s name.
Concerns Please feel free to discuss any issue concerning your child with Allison or Nicole, or other instructor at an appropriate time. Please do not attempt to discuss issues with any instructor right before classes begin or in between classes.
It is best to phone the office earlier in the day or email us so we can set up a time to talk or meet.
Volunteer Requirement We expect one parent for each student to volunteer his/her time during The Nutcracker/Rudolph shows and during the Spring Recital.
If you are too busy, you may choose to pay a $35 fee to opt out of that commitment for each show.
The money collected will be used to hire help in controlling the backstage area to ensure the safety for your children.
Photos and Videography Photos and Videography may be made of students during classes, rehearsals and performances.
We are very proud of the accomplishments of all of our students.
From time to time, still photography or videography will be used for the purpose of highlighting student achievements and the progress of our school. Those images may be used in informational newsletters, as well as school brochures,
and they may also be submitted to the news media for possible publication.
If, for any reason, you do not want your child’s likeness to be used by Gustafson Dance or by the news media for the purpose of positive publicity about Gustafson Dance activities or student achievement, please notify the school office right away.
Those images may be used in informational newsletters, school brochures, or on our Facebook and Instagram pages.