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Photo Shoot Orders

Spring Photo Shoot

COSTUMES: Most dancers will receive a costume that was ordered for him/her for the Thumbelina performance. When those arrive, they will be passed out to students to take home, try on and keep for the Dress Rehearsal(s) and Show(s). For the photo shoot, dancers should wear or bring their performance costume. Dancers are responsible for their own tights, shoes, and/or jazz pants or shorts that may be a part of their costume. Dancers in Level 4-6 Ballet classes, or Level 3 Saturday class (Picnic Party), some Boys costumes, and Jazz 3A, 3B, 4-6 will have a studio costume provided by the studio. Please be sure to specify each costume/part for each photo time slot that you sign up for. Remember, the photos are for you and your family, so you can decide if you want your dancer to have some light make-up or not.

PACKAGE PRICES: Photo Packages are $37 each and include one 5X7, two 4X6 photos and four wallets. You may choose to order a second photo package for $27 for the same dancer in a 2nd costume or a pose with a friend/sibling. Be sure to select a second time slot, up to three maximum. The additional package pricing is only available for a 2nd costume or joint picture. For another dancer, you must submit a separate form.

PHOTO SELECTION AND ORDERING: Shortly after the photo shoot, parents will receive an email with instructions to go on to the smugmug site through and select their preferred pose for the Photo Package. There will be a short window of time to do this. The deadline will be included in the email. Parents will need to be able to sign in to an account on smugmug through their facebook or by creating an account in smugmug in order to choose their pose. Please leave a comment on the selected photo (not gallery) after you sign in. If a choice is not submitted in this way by the deadline, the photographer will choose the pose for the package. All of the photos taken will be posted to the smugmug site for parents to make additional purchases.

BUN BAR: State Street Ballet Young Dancers will have the Bun Bar set up during the Photo Shoot. For $5, dancers can get their hair done and have makeup applied for the photo shoot. Be sure to allow an extra 15 minutes prior to your photo time to use the Bun Bar.

If you are taking a second photo pose with a sibling or friend make sure to select a second time slot for this.

If you are taking a second pose, but are not changing into another costume you can make your appointment time slots back to back.

If ordering a second or more photo packets, and you are having to make a quick change to a different costumes please spread your time slots appointments apart from each other by one or two time slots.This will allow you to have enough time for your quick change, and will also allow for other people taking single poses to take this single time slot.

All time slots are only 5 minutes, please be ready as possible and arrive early to your schedule photo shoot appointment.